Quake Champions: Early Access startet mit neuem Patch

Heute startet der Early Access Zugang für Quake Champions auf Steam. Käufer des Championspacks haben sofortigen Zugang, Closed Beta Teilnehmer können auch weiterhin kostenlos über den Bethesda.net Launcher spielen, alle anderen müssen warten, bis das Spiel im kommenden Jahr als Free2play Game erhältlich sein wird. Nach einigen kleineren Bugfixreleases gibts heute wieder richtig lange Patchnotes:

New Champion: DOOM Slayer 
Rip and Tear your way through enemies with the new DOOM Slayer Champion!

  • Active Ability – Berserk
    • UAC REPORT FILE: D4NUVHA0: Test subjects exhibit extreme rage and increased strength. It has been noted that subjects will vent their rage on any living creature they can find, and will even self-harm if they have no outlet for their fury. 
  • Passive Ability – Double Jump
    • Pressing jump a second time while in the air will cause DOOM Slayer to jump again.

New Lore Scroll Feature

  • Earn unique Legendary Skins by discovering Lore Scrolls, hidden throughout each level! 

New Rune Codex Feature

  • Get unique cosmetics by completing Rune Challenges!
  • Open backpacks to earn Runes
  • Complete the Rune’s challenge to earn a reward
  • Complete all Rune Challenges for a champion to earn a unique reward!

New Awesome Cosmetic Items 

  • New Skins for each Champion!
  • Earn Lore Skins by collecting a Champion’s Lore Scrolls!
  • New Weapon Skins with special effects!
  • Many more vanity items!

Continuous Play

  • Following a match, players now migrate to a new Match Lobby to continue playing, unless they opt-out in favor of returning to the Main Menu.

New Maps 

  • Church of Azathoth 
    • New map available in Sacrifice, Team Deathmatch, and Deathmatch
  • Tempest Shrine
    • New map available in Sacrifice, Team Deathmatch, and Deathmatch

Onboarding – Training Map

  • Basic Movement training
  • Gunplay Overview
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Directional Input Display Hints & Speedometer options added to Game Settings

Expanded Weapon Skins

  • Q3 Gauntlet – “Pummel”
  • Q1 Nail Gun – “Oscillator”
  • Q1 Super Nail Gun – “Perforator”
  • DOOM Shotgun – “DOOM 2 Shotgun”
  • Q1 Lightning Gun – “Thunderbolt”
  • Q4 Nail Gun – “Constructor”
  • New Rocket Launcher  – “QR3-LL”
  • Twitch Rocket Launcher
  • Exclusive QuakeCon 2017 Lightning Gun
    • Log in any time during QuakeCon 2017 to receive this Lightning Gun skin!

Weapon Shaders 

  • Customize the appearance of your weapons.

Voice Chat 

  • Added Voice Chat in team modes to improve communication amongst teammates.
  • Controls for Voice Chat volume and player muting included.

User Reporting

  • Backend improvements


  • New nameplate options!

Profile Icons  

  • Special profile icons for our early access players!
  • New profile icons!
  • National Flag icons!


  • The shop is now open, check back often for new deals!


  • HUD improvements 
  • Overall polish


  • Watch browser with top streams

Steam Functionality 

  • Quake Champions Early Access is now on Steam! By purchasing the Champions Pack, you’ll now be able to play the game on Steam using your existing Bethesda.net account.

Fixed Issues:

Play Now Screen

  • Removed Tutorial Videos and Search Game from the Tutorial plate 


  • Fixed issue when Watch Video button did not worked 


  • Fixed an issue with Lightning Gun where Slash’s head was immune to continuous Lighting Gun damage after the first tick 
  • Fixed an issue where Anarki could interrupt his Injection Ability animation half way through it with any weapon fire 
  • Fixed an issues with paint on Anarki skins
  • Fixed an issue where Clutch would point all weapons downward when jumping and shooting 
  • Fixed an issue where the player saw part of the geometry when his Champion died 
  • Fixed an issue where Scalebearer could not be damaged with the Lightning Gun and Railgun 
  • Fixed an issue where Sorlag would fire throughout her Acid Spit animation 
  • Ranger’s Mohawk vanity item temporarily unavailable
  • Fixed an issue with medals where Slash only earned the Ballet medal for kills with trail tick damage 
  • Fixed an issue where Totems do not stop projectiles in first-person, but do in third-person


  • Various pip cameras issues are fixed
  • Vanity attachments added for various sets
  • Fixed various issues where shader did not stay applied on attachment 



  • Fixed an issue when enemies spawned close to each other on Bloodrun 
  • Fixed an issue where when using Dire Orb, Ranger could teleport inside the Obelisk on Lockbox 
  • Fixed an issue on Burial Chamber where Obelisk A could float over the surface of floor
  • Fixed various issues where Ranger could teleport out of bounds
  • Fixed an issue in Corrupted Keep where the user was able to see through the upper wall by Rocket Jumping or teleporting 
  • Hitboxes adjusted on small Champions and made bigger 
  • Fixed an issue where players could teleport through geometry by shooting the Dire Orb in vases 
  • Breakable urns have been placed in Lockbox, Blood Run, and Corrupted Keep.


  • Fixed light flickering on Loot Box screen 
  • Sacrifice: Added power-up control icons to left or right of team’s obelisk icon to show which team possess the power-up.
  • Sacrifice: Added teammate heads at the top of the spectator HUD 
  • Sacrifice: Added player names below Champion portraits. Added outline portrait with power-up color (magenta, green). Added yellow soul-glow if they have the soul.
  • Duel: Inactive and dead Champion portraits now smaller in relation to the current Champion.
  • Duel: Greater emphasis on the red X tint on dead Champions 
  • Fixed an issue when „New item“ indicators are not appearing consistently for unlocked items


  • Max spectator cap is now set to 10 in Duel mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Party Separator appeared after 5 members join party instead of 4 
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the spectator switched pre-setup camera and player camera 
  • Fixed an issue where the Toggle Spectator hint didn’t work 
  • Fixed an issue where the random powerup timer showed incorrect icon


User Report

  • Fixed an issue with player reporting 
  • Fixed an issue where ignored-user still had follow/invite buttons active 
  • Added input section for the player being reported



  • Fixed DS crash that locked Play Now button at the end of previous game session 
  • Fixed various crashes when opening Loot Boxes 
  • Fixed a crash while voting
  • Various Memory leak fixes 
  • Fixed issues when respawning: Dead Champion’s bodies will sometimes snap to the user’s respawn location 
  • Fixed an issue where a user’s movement halts briefly when entering a jump-pad 
  • Fixed an issue where a game may crash when exiting a match in progress. 
  • Fixed an issue where Spectator players would crash if in free cam mode when all other players leave the match 
  • Announcer for various languages integrated 
  • Players can now close soft update warning pop-up 
  • Various fixes when soft update didn’t work properly

Scoring System

  • Fixed an issue where the Medal for first place was given to incorrect player 
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t earn Slalom and Disintegrator medals 


  • Fixed an issue when players saw the teammates marker only when their teammate was in his line of sight 
  • Fixed an issue in Sacrifice where at the end of a round, the obelisk progress was canceled for a losing team 
  • Fixed an issue where the old announcer was present during the “15 Frags Left” VO
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect set may drop from a Lootbox 
  • Fixed an issue where the End of Match Podium screen appears empty 
  • Fixed an issue where Slash’s Plasma Trail visually extends farther for the player placing it than for other players 
  • Various localization fixes
  • Hero lighting on enemies at a distance now brighten to red rather than white, and teammates at a distance now brighten to blue.
  • Free floating camera to spawn at the current camera position
  • Removed respawn VFX 


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