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Neuer Ut-Client

So langsam nimmt die Geschichte formen an 🙂

Major Changes This Build:

  • Frag Center in game for viewing community submitted videos and news.
  • Polish and improvements for Enhanced Spectator System.
  • Polish and improvements for first person spectating.
  • New map shells DM-Solo, DM-MorbiasTest, and CTF-Mine.
  • In game match stats displayed on the scoreboard.
  • UI support for custom match creation for standalone and hub matches.
  • New Air Rocket and Amazing Combo reward announcements.


  • New duel focused map DM-Solo, classic map DM-MorbiasTest, and aysmmetrical CTF map CTF-Mine.
  • CTF-BigRock
    • Fixed Bigrock WeaponShield BP playing pawn entry effects in the wrong location.
    • Rebuilt paths and lighting.
  • DM-Chill
    • Fixed Malcom Statues with the old mesh being replaced.
    • Added a normal health pickup behind the Sniper tower.
  • CTF-Dam
    • Flag base tweaks.
  • CTF-Blank
    • Can no longer get out of map.
    • Fixed window exploit.
  • DM-Lea
    • Updated with low detail settings and less blue lighting.
  • Renamed DM-Circuit to Outpost23_Shell.
  • Rebuilt paths on DM-Deadfall and DM-DeckTest.
  • Rebuilt and updated Example_Map info frames.


  • Tweaks to Flak Cannon primary fire.
  • Translucent trail on Rocket grenades to make them easier to track.
  • Reduced momentum imparted by shock balls.
  • Fixed not having first person footstep sounds with hidden weapons.
  • Actually hide main weapon mesh with hidden weapons in addition to moving it behind the camera.
  • Fixed enforcer left mesh not being hidden in 3p/hidden weapons.
  • Fixed some projectiles being able to hit through thin walls, particularly lifts.
  • Use new trace type for translocator disk – defaults to same properties as previously but allows blocking volumes to block only translocators or only characters.
  • Added shell casing audio to Enforcer.
  • Fixed unlimited ammo cheat for shock combos and link pull.
  • Improved Flak Cannon first person mesh visuals by fixing ambient occlusion, and using it as a test for vertex shader allowing full size mesh with no clipping.

Current Match Stats

  • Improved CTF scoring play summary and presentation.
  • Added team scoring stats breakdown for all team game types, including each team’s top killer, top scorer, and top K/D ratio.
  • Added individual stats pages for each player, currently including a scoring details stats page and a weapon stats page.
  • Highlight player’s best weapon, and weapon kills that have achieved reward level.
  • Track stats for armor pickups and powerup control.
  • Added rating system and reward announcement for impressive shock combos.
  • Added stats display for headshots, air rockets, combo kills, and best combo rating.
  • Adjusted CTF scoring values and rules, and now display scoring details as part of current match stats.
  • Now track flag grabs (off enemy base).
  • Keep track of and display top flag runner, defender and support role in CTF team stats.


  • Fixed clamping velocity when slide ends with player falling.
  • Tweaked LandingAssistBoost to match with LandingStepUp.


  • Improved shockball/shock combo in net games by using consistent client view of projectile position when possible.
  • More fixes for player ragdolls in net games.
  • Fixed camera going into ground issues with feigning and death cameras in net games.
  • Clamp frame rate based on negotiated netspeed.
  • Fixed issue causing errors in ping calculations.
  • Fixed replication crash.
  • Made some UTGameState properties replicate initial only.
  • Fixed crash in ClientReceiveLocalizedMessage() if the received message type is invalid (bad call or networking serialization failure).
  • Increased HTTP timeout to 10 minutes.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • HUD clock/score widget clean up/polish.
  • Adjust flag HUD widgets to fit new HUD layout better.
  • Don’t show team victory message at end of duel match.
  • Weapon bar now shows bound keys for weapon slots.
  • Added goalscore info to CTF scoreboard header.
  • Tweaked player beacon alpha.
  • Cleaned up font use, got rid of unneeded fonts.
  • Armor pickup messages show amount picked up.
  • Scoreboard now controls whether to draw spectator message or not, incorporating it into the scoreboard footer when necessary.
  • Adjusted position of console message widget.
  • Hooked up new friendly – don’t fire crosshair.
  • Tweaked in-world flag icon scale and opacity.
  • Reduce in world flag indicator opacity when near the crosshair.
  • Scale in-world flag icons based on distance to them.
  • Adjusted death message color.
  • Scoreboard layout fixes.

Hubs and Server Browser

  • Fixed QuickMatch games not removing quickmatch from the url.
  • Added code to skip unresponsive hubs during quickmatch.
  • Fixed crash when entering a hub.
  • Changed how hubs and create game manage bots and player limits.
  • Fixed a bunch of hub bugs from the new system
  • Fixed crash going from HUB -> single player via the console.
  • Hooked up Server Trust levels to the ServerData that’s pulled from MCP.
  • Added Raxxy’s server icon..
  • Don’t allow quickmatch to a password protected hub.
  • Fixed hubs not aborting matches properly.
  • Fixed banned players being able to join a match in progress.
  • You now auto-ready up when entering a match in the lobby.
  • Hosts can start the match when players are not ready.
  • kick voting that temp bans a player for the rest of the map.
  • Fixed a possible crash bug in the lobby that Raxxy is seeing.


  • First pass new translocation effect.
  • Hooked up parts of the new pickup effects (incomplete)
  • Added GPU particles to link gun primary fire.

Characters and Animation

  • Added first pass additive system for enforcer to start sharing more animations.
  • Added a new rule to allow blending directly to the sliding anims from the jump state.
  • Added option to blend from landing state to slide.
  • Polished left arm motion and posing for enforcer running additives.
  • Added anims and support for additive strafe running with enforcer.
  • Added new idle for pistol and additive pose for pistol idle.
  • fixed rules allowing running transitions being played while crouching
  • Removed most of the linear damping from the character physics asset because it caused an exploit-friendly terminal velocity.
  • Weld cosmetics when attaching

Frag Center

  • New in game web page for viewing community submitted videos and news.
  • Can open up a separate web page to navigate to outside links.
  • Added Javascript functionality to support Frag Center to Chrome Embedded Framework.

Enhanced Spectating System

  • When spectating in third person, camera now automatically tried to maintain optimal orientation when following a player.
  • Holding left mouse gives the spectator camera rotation control when following a player in third person.
  • New best camera manager automatically switches to camera with currently the best action, if spectator hasn’t assumed manual control of camera switches (by switching manually).
  • Return to auto best camera with the <home> key.
  • Added powerup timers to spectator slide out, with team icon identifying the power up in team games with multiple powerups of that type on the map.
  • Show equipped weapon on spectator slide out.
  • Show all players on spectator slide out, even if they don’t have a camera bind, and fill in empty bind slots in spectator viewplayer binds (due to players dropping).
  • Scale name rather than pulsing bar color on spectator slide out for in action players.
  • Improved scalability of spectator slide out, and reduced its size.
  • Added skull on slide out for dead players.
  • Send personal localized messages like reward messages to spectators viewing player as well as owning player.
  • Third person camera traces no longer blocked by pawns.
  • Fixed spectator camera issues at halftime.

First Person Spectating

  • Added support for first person spectating showing the weapon and firing effects (not fully matched up to real state on clients)
  • Eye smoothing fixes for spectating.
  • Fixed a lot of cases where first person spectator wanted to be treated just like the controlling player.
  • Make sure first person weapon movement is smooth by making offset always updated after player eyeoffset update.
  • Don’t forward predict viewed client.
  • Show centered kill messages when spectating in first person.
  • Fixed team coloring spectator HUD to match viewed player’s team.
  • Fixed crosshair when spectating in first person.
  • Fixed link gun alt beam not going away correctly when first person spectating.
  • Fixed spectator notifies for viewed player getting hit.

Engine and Editor

  • LibDWARF to give line numbers in callstacks on linux.
  • Fixed lighting builds invalidating navigation.
  • Disallow „show“ console command in shipping builds.

Mod support

  • Marked Add/RemoveInventory on UTCharacter as BlueprintAuthorityOnly to match correct usage.
  • Duel defaults to 10 minutes.
  • Fixed inventory/character ModifyDamageTaken() event to be usable in blueprints.
  • UTGameObjective is blueprintable
  • GitHub pull request #180 by RattleSN4K3 – add CreateInventory() to make it easier for blueprints to grant inventory
  • Fixed crash with editing blueprint HudWidgets.
  • Merged gamemode blueprint compatibility coming in UE 4.8.
  • Added bIsNewSpawn parameter to ModifyPlayer().
  • Added ModifyInventory() to allow modifying items after they are added to a character’s inventory.
  • Added author and description mutator fields
  • Fixed mounteddownloadedcontentchecksums map having incorrect key entries. Thanks Sir Brizz/cardonator.
  • DefaultCharacterInventory BlueprintReadWrite.
  • UNREALTOURNAMENT_API pass on UTHUDWidget classes.
  • Added WIP generic door blueprints.


  • Custom Match Creation Menu
    • Support for custom single player, LAN, and hub match creation.
    • Hub custom matches do not yet support mutators.
    • Hub custom matches require the creating client to already have any custom content used downloaded.
  • Default to one map selected, and removed 6 map selection limit when creating matches.
  • Added a scrollbar to the map list on the lobby menu to support more than 6 maps.
  • Non-team game rulesets default to 6 players max, and 6 bots in standalone.
  • Team game rulesets default to 12 players max, and 10 bots in standalone.
  • Tweaked gametype categories for creating matches.
  • Added Mouse acceleration options in control settings UI.
  • Workaround for crash loading mutators with UMG config menus.
  • Fixed default taunt settings.
  • Fixed display issues and potential crash in SUWGameSetupDialog if it is left open for a while.
  • Make sure to close custom mutator config menus when the create game panel is closed.
  • Audio setting dialog will set the sound volume while you manipulate the slider.
  • Binding two weapon switch commands to the same key now works.
  • Fixed Action mappings ordering issues causing controls to not be consistently bound after using controls menu.
  • Fixed Auto-detecting settings LMB spam sillyness.
  • Raised the profile cooldown time.
  • Fixed mutator config menus popping up behind other menus.
  • Turn down sound when showing a web panel.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Added mutator to turn off weapon stay.
  • Reduced armor vest and thighpads armor absorption to 60%.
  • Fixed Instagib mutator preventing jump boots from dropping.
  • Fixed players with auto weapon switch turned off starting with impact hammer equipped.
  • Added air rocket kill reward message.
  • Fixed dropped pickups not being cleaned up after halftime.
  • Fixed translocator collision on various tutorial blueprints.
  • Fixes for reported crashes.
  • Added cylindrical variant of the team deco weapon shield.
  • Added support for self contained shield understanding enter/exit properly.
  • Fixed character teleport when mesh is set after ragdolling.
  • Volume tweaks to flag pickup/drop audio.
  • Shorter end of match delay for non-CTF game types.


  • Fixed jump paths being generated in cases where the jump arc crosses a KillZVolume and fixed some rare cases where they are generated through walls.
  • Added a new version of AI projectile toss analysis that takes into account targets with size as well as cases where overshooting the target is acceptable (translocator) – significantly improves AI translocator usage.
  • Fixed bots getting stuck under lifts (requires path rebuild).
  • Prevent bots from trying to ‚hide‘ on nodes like jump pads.
  • Fixed some issues with bot lift jump handling.
  • Fixed bots continuing to fight after half/game end in some situations.
  • Fixed a rare AI crash.
  • Improved AI handling of lifts and short hops.
  • Fixed rare bot crash in level with no paths.


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