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Neuer Quake Champions Patch

Anbei die Patchnotes:

Fixed crash some players were experiencing on loading/unloading from game
Fixed crash some players were experiencing in customization screen when buying item with both platinum and shards at the same time
Fixed crash some players were experiencing on purchasing vanity items in customization
Fixed issue where players were being kicked from match while loading into Burial Chamber with the exception of the Spectator
Fixed in-game Contacts list so it properly shows player’s online/offline status and no longer causes performance issues with larger Contacts lists
Fixed issue when Spectating a player that died did not show the death animation and instead showed the player select screen
Fixed issue where Sorlag’s acid spit ability was doing double damage at certain distances
Improved double landing sounds for all Champions
‘The Keeper’s Head’ vanity item added for Ranger. Instructions on how to obtain it can be found here.


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