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Neue Woche, neuer Build
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15. April 2015
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20. März 2015
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Major Changes This Build:

  • New WIP level shells CTF-Bigrock and DM_Vortex.
  • Weapon balance tweaks.
  • Networking fixes and improvements.
  • Now include engine starter content with UT editor.
  • Fixed issues with downloading custom content from servers and hubs.
  • Server browser improvements.



  • Added new WIP asymmetrical shell CTF-Bigrock.
  • Added new WIP deathmatch shell DM-Vortex.
  • Added DM-Chill and DM-Vortex to map rotations for dm and team dm.


  • Reduced Rocket damage radius by 15%, but now has minimum damage of 15.
  • Reduced shock combo damage radius by 10%, but now has minimum damage of 20.
  • Slightly reduced bring up time for Flak Cannon and Rocket Launcher.
  • Reduced flak shell inner damage radius.
  • Sniper headshot damage is value instead of scale.
  • Slightly reduced sniper headshot damage.
  • Minigun alt projectile speed doubled.
  • Tweaked rocket explosion effect size to better match rocket explosion radius.
  • Show "--" on Instagib.rifle ammo display.
  • Fixed being able to headshot yourself by pointing at very specific downward angles in a FFA game.


  • Fixed keeping link beam ammo count synched by using delayed shot handling for beams. Thanks Sir_Brizz for the fix.
  • Fixed networking issues with shock combos (combo in the face bug), by making sure client and server are consistent about whether combo should be determined client-side, and only if projectile is forward ticked on server.
  • Increased lifespan of fake projectiles spawned after a delay because of high latency, so they don't disappear before the real projectile gets replicated.
  • Destroy replicated bNetTemporary projectiles once they've updated their associated fake projectile on the client (perf improvement).
  • Don't replicate rotation if not needed for prelim servermove (bandwidth optimization).
  • Reset movement timers when reset client network prediction data.
  • Optimized bandwidth for replicating common client adjustment case when not on a lift.
  • Adjust server position if Z barely off and stopped.
  • Fixed ping calculation, using client side measurement of servermove ack response times.
  • Back to using RPC instead of replicated property for acking good moves.
  • PredictionFudgeFactor is replicated so always synched between client and server.
  • Reduced default PredictionFudgeFactor to 15.

HUD and Scoreboards

  • Scale HUD icon or value when pickup or lose armor and health, or pickup ammo or power up.
  • Interactive Scoreboard WIP.
  • Player Cards WIP.
  • Unified all loaded fonts into UTHud.


  • New armor impact sounds, with increased volume.
  • New CTF flag pickup/drop sounds.
  • Moved weapon audio into Weapon Sound Group for better playback prioritization.
  • Upsampled menu music quality.
  • Added blueprint node for playing team adjusted sounds.

Hubs and Server Browser

  • Big server browser update/WIP that should make people happy.
  • Browser no longers clears the list each time it's refreshed.
  • Live updating of all fields.
  • Better culling of "unresponsive" servers.
  • Fixed some minor hub map name/screenshot display issues.

Mac and Linux

  • Shader cache optimizations.
  • Prevent the shader-cache from instantiating incompatible shader resources & crashing the RHI.
  • Disable the ShaderCache's draw-state logging by default in all circumstances since it is currently a significant performance impact.
  • Fix a bug in early submission of compute shaders in the ShaderCache not using the correct hash.
  • Nonmonolithic staging support for Mac.
  • Run nonmonolithic mac build from launcher now.

Engine and Editor

  • Included engine starter content with UT editor distribution.
  • Added ability to hide the launch button in editor for flavored editors.
  • Fixed visual studio plugin missing in editor on launcher.
  • Set taunt when launching PIE.
  • Merged build patch fix to actually strip out pdbs.
  • Moved UTKismetLibrary to UTGameplayStatics.
  • Added MapUrlProtocol to work around ini parsing issues
  • Fixed BSP brushes that have been brush clipped cannot be copied and pasted between maps.
  • Fixed editing duplicated BSP brushes also edits the original brush.
  • Fixed navigation complete popup getting stuck on if a second one is added before the first is cleared by the user.
  • Turned off stylized pp by removing the temporary setting and removed stylized pp binds.
  • Fixed BlendPhysicsBones being run on skel mesh components that don't have any space bases.

Mod support

  • Redirect checksum checking for maps to skip redownloading if a player already has the map.
  • Hardcode some pak ordering to fix some issues associated with mod paks overriding files in the base game.
  • Don't send authorization token to non-epicgames servers when doing redirects.


  • Stream player settings dialog preview mesh textures in.
  • Temporarily disable loading screens until we can work around the Slate threading issues.
  • Compile time optimizations for SUWindowsStyle.
  • Close any open menus upon network errors.
  • Fixed a rare crash with invalid UniqueIds.
  • Added some additional logging to detect occurrences where a menu becomes orphaned.
  • Fixed the server browser list style.
  • Removed the server config from the new game dialog.
  • Added some analytics so we can see the actual new game dialog usage cases.
  • Added a delegate to allow projects to add additional tags to UWorld (level assets) so that games can store additional searchable level information for their own UI.
  • Added Title to level summary (more friendly map name).
  • Fixed weapon not being attached correctly in the player preview.
  • Fixed some maps not launching from the create game UI.
  • Re-implemented loading screen in a way that does not use the broken Slate threaded code.
  • Keep the base weapon set in memory all the time to improve performance on some UI screens and reduce load times.
  • Use 'start' instead of 'open' for starting the tutorial so URL options from old sessions don't get carried over and break things.

Misc. Gameplay

  • Fixed kills caused by an impact hammer shield blowing up a rocket in the shooter's face not awarding kill credit to the shield user in FFA gametypes.
  • Fixed flag assist tracking not working correctly for the initial flag carrier if they are camping the base when the flag is returned.
  • CTF half time view the winning team flag.
  • Move winning team close to the flag.
  • Refactor hatclass/etc replication to playerstate as it's wasteful to keep sending it down the pawn and easier for the playercard to access the playerstate.
  • PickupTokens now have a registry in the profile settings.
  • Really fixed powerup shader on holstered weapons.
  • Optimized holstered weapon attachment spawning.
  • Don't spawn hitscan impact effects if hit pawn or projectile.
  • Fixed crash in UTGetDamageMomentum().
  • Limit armor stacking to 150 in Duel.
  • Fixed spectator view self when playing on a server
  • Fixed uncooked dedicated server crash.
  • Secondary taunt support is back
  • Made armor hit effect bigger.
  • Don't play blood hit effect if play armor hit effect.
  • Added directional indicators to Jumppad that scale with distance & time.


  • Improved bot aiming, particularly with instant hit weapons.
  • Improved removing bots from the game as humans join.
  • Fixed bots in FFA not leaving the game pre-match because they all think they're winning.


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