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dtm][ starts promising into Roe German Masters

Played a very good first tournament! Big shoutouts to Speedy and Lynn!! Our Team played with the big boys and ranked in 4th at first try. It need´s to be noted that our "machines" got 26 points, as much as the 2nd Place! (Killcount was sadly against our team)

Noteable Achievments:

We got 2 more Teams playing in Lobby 2:

noskillz and Bilbo sprung in 1 hour before the tournament started to make the second lobby a reality. Without training ( Bilbo is pausing Roe since some weeks ) they reached Place 6 ( same Score as 5th Place, again killcount was against our team )

Mania Moe played with his Buddy Bodenprobe and reached Rank 16.

This was a successful start with an really ungrateful 4th Place. Thx to all who played, all dtm-oldschoolers are proud of you !

Seeedings Round 1 German Masters Duo

1. C12 Gaming Brothers2. Insane Raccoons
3. Wachtelkörner
4. Hikage Dattebayo
5. Swiss brothers
6. Resolution
7. Die drei lustigen zwei
8. C12 Schokobananen
9. C12 DaMussIchLos
10. Speerspitze
11. Spearhead
12. Sondereinsatzkommando
13. Team WIWO
15. Team Chaos
16. Flawless
17. Glitter Queens
18. 3st-Gaming
19. dtm-clan20. Tod durch Schelle
21. tWD
22. OwNz
23. SyNRG
24. C12 Die Gier nach Gear
25. the last Unicorn
26. die verrückten
27. Was_Weiss_Ich
28. Die Beobachter
29. QueueTwo
30. rccns_Beta

Amazon Cup Us Results

Noble wins as expected ;)

Amazon Cup Eu Results

Final Eu Standings, gg all Teams

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noskillz 16/09/2019 01:48
super games heute leute ! :)

03/09/2019 19:54 Muahdib
Nen Haufen alter Säcke die immer noch rocken ^^

Speedy 08/07/2019 20:50
Ihr seid schon ein cooler Haufen :)

12/06/2019 13:19 admin
tiki am start ;)

Muahdib 11/06/2019 18:51
oh wieder neue Webseite ... grüße vom Tiki..

09/05/2019 17:13 Blade.exe

admin 24/02/2019 20:50
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