Season 3 just kicked of

Patch contents overview:
I. Adventurer Season 3 officially launches, unlock the Adventure Pass to rank up your Tiers, earn in game rewards, and receive 1500 E-points back!
II. Brand-new Weapon Skins: The Thunderbolt Supply Box has dropped
III. New additions in the Weapon Skin Token Shop
IV. New DMRs: the M82A1 and FAL G-Series / New attachment: Extended barrel
V. Season 3 pirate themed in-game events
VI. Various gameplay changes
VII. New setting- allowing players to turn off glow effects for opponents
VIII. Default character creation and face customization optimized
IX. New accessories and vehicle appearance hits the Store

Season 3 Charakters leaked

The Season 3 Characters got leaked early ;)

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale Trailer

Here is a first Trailer for the Battle Royale Mode.

Holster Up guys ! There is a new Playing Field to be concquered

Quake Double Xp Weekend / Season extended for 1 Week

Nice Quakeannoucement:

1. Earn DOUBLE XP all weekend long!2. We've extended the season by 1 WEEK, so you've got more time to finish up those challenges! Good luck!

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