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Official Release Patch Notes – Halloween 2019 update (10.31.2019)

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Halloween in-game changes
  • Added a haunted house below Ocean Park on Europa Island, brave adventurers are welcomed to pay a visit!
  • Airdrop appearance is now a gigantic pumpkin head with some “spooky special effects”
  • Grenade appearance are also changed to little pumpkins, so watch out if you see a pumpkin in the air heading your way

Halloween Daily Check-in
  • Daily check-in continues from November 1 to November 8 (Pacific Time),
    make sure to check-in daily to receive exclusive Halloween skins
    including traversal equipment appearances and a special accessory!

Store- Halloween Candy Box
  • Introducing a new limited-time offer in Store- the Halloween Candy Box!
    Content includes an exclusive Armored truck vehicle appearance, an
    exclusive portrait, and an exclusive Epic AK47 skin. Grab it before it’s
    gone for just 500 E-Points!
  • Available from October 31 to November 14

Event- Halloween Party
  • Event period: November 1 – November 7
  • Complete a specified daily task at “event center” to flip a card and
    get random rewards! Players can also unlock the event exclusive Vector
    Halloween skin by completing 4 daily tasks

Adventurer Character
  • Enabled Sakura – Blood Fox

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several incorrect collisions and textures on the map
  • Fixed an issue where the PrintScreen key didn’t successfully save a
    screenshot. After pressing the PrintScreen key, a screenshot will now be
    saved in the “DocumentsRing of Elysium” folder
  • Fixed an issue where weapon sounds didn’t play for a short period of time after
    firing a shot with sniper rifles then immediately switching to another
  • Fixed a rare client crash caused by holographic decoys
  • Fixed an issue where holographic decoys didn’t show character accessories, scopes and weapon attachments
  • Fixed an issue where character’s HP dropped after getting hit with Medgun when getting revived by a teammate
  • Fixed an issue where the 8X scope had incorrect hand shadows when playing Ookami
  • Fixed an issue where certain boat parts floated after being upgraded to Battleboat
  • Fixed an issue where the Scorpion EVO3 A1 weapon model was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where the oxygen bar’s oxygen depletion animation was incorrect
  • Fixed a rare issue where the lobby turned all black
  • Fixed an issue where the Supporter Rewards portrait shown in event center was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where some translation text was missing
  • Fixed an issue where certain spawning points was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where certain loot points were incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where Ema Island’s water level was slightly too high
  • Fixed an issue where smoke effects were incorrect when using the “Medium” graphics quality
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