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Pubg 1.0 Patch #10 live!

PC 1.0 Update #10   General Gameplay We’ve adjusted safe zone and blue zone functionality. Also, in-game clothing spawns have been removed. Blue zone delay time has been reduced. You’ll be given less time to linger between phases. The maximum >> mehr

Fortnite Update 3.4 ist live!

Pünktlich zu Ostern landet Fortnite das nächste Update, hier die Patchnotes: Welcome to the v3.4 update, Powerful and mighty, the newly released Guided Missile can devastate targets. Complete control right at your fingertips. Skilled players can take advantage of its >> mehr

PC 1.0 Update #7

Neues Update für Pubg, Patchnotes anbei. Der Patch kann derzeit auf dem Testserver angetestet werden.   Client optimization Improved real-time response by reducing input lag Mitigated the frame drop issue caused by the map loading process Reduced burden on GPU >> mehr